About Stephanie

Channeling wisdom for personal & global transformation

“Truly the most insightful, powerful reading I have ever had.”

Bettina Forbes
Co-Founder, Best for Babes

After serving in the health care industry as a hospital-based speech-language pathologist for 20 years, Stephanie realized that her intuitive gifts were calling loudly to her. She left the medical setting to pursue her soul’s work as an intuitive channel and spiritual guide/coach and hasn’t looked back. Stephanie serves clients around the globe who are seeking ways to expand their own intuitive gifts and learn to trust their inner voice of wisdom. She serves those who are seeking connections with loved ones and ancestors on the other side of the veil. And she serves clients who are seeking clarity in their career/professional life, relationships, life transitions, and many other areas in which life may have  become confusing, chaotic, and uncertain.

Stephanie understands the importance of maintaining healthy relationships as well as the challenges of relationship/friendship breakups and divorce. She helps clients find clarity within complicated relationships of any type. Stephanie uses her channeling gifts to tune into soul agreements, commitments, and past lives to provide insight and deeper understanding of our roles with one another.

Stephanie has a passion for supporting parents in making deep and lasting connections with their children. As a mother of 3, she is keenly aware of the challenges parents face in raising children in this time of uncertainty, external pressure, divisiveness, and busyness. She strongly feels that by connecting to their child’s spirit, many parents can gain the guidance and support necessary to heal and transform their relationships with their children, no matter how old their children may be.

Mission and Vision Statement

Stephanie’s mission is to use her intuitive gifts and skills to illuminate a path of prosperity, connection, self-trust, and love for all those she serves. 

Stephanie’s vision is a world in which humans are deeply connected to their divine voice of wisdom and a planet in harmony and balance with all life. 

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