Frequently Asked Questions

What types of questions can I ask during a session?

Anything at all! Many people ask questions about their relationships, career, ancestors, souls (human or animal) on the earth as well as those who have transitioned, life’s purpose, the meaning that underlies circumstances and situations experienced, etc.   I do not make futuristic/concrete predictions or statements about your life, so any questions that are future-based (i.e., Should I engage in this business deal, Should I marry so-and-so, Where did Uncle Henry bury his family fortune before he died, etc) are better requested from a different type of psychic. My sessions are for those interested in exploring/understanding the meaning and purpose behind their current life’s circumstances/relationships in order to receive guidance in making changes and moving forward.

Can I hear from souls of those who have died?

Yes absolutely! We can tune into anything with a soul, human or animal. You can ask questions of individuals who have passed and receive specific communication from them. Most of the time these souls are grateful to be invited to connect in this way and can provide beautiful and healing messages.

Can I hear from souls of those who are still alive and on the earth with me?

Certainly! Sometimes, we find ourselves in unhealthy behavior patterns within relationships. Being in relationships is where we experience the most growth potential as we learn not just about the other person, but so much about ourselves. Relationships can be complicated, painful, chaotic as well as joyful, uplifting, and loving. Receiving clarity and guidance from our loved ones who are experiencing this lifetime with us can be transformative and powerfully healing.

How many questions can I ask?

This varies. Each session lasts 60 minutes. On average, clients ask anywhere from 3-7 questions/session. Sometimes, one question leads to several others from the same soul. For example, you may want to hear from your child’s soul regarding what they need from you as a parent. After this initial question is answered, you may find that it leads you to also ask additional questions so that you may have further clarity. Each communication/channeling is completely unique to the individual client so you are encouraged to allow the session to flow and unfold naturally. If you have a specific number of souls you wish to connect with and we run out of time, you are welcome to schedule an additional session to tune into those.

Is there anything I should fear or any darkness that comes through my messages?

The messages and communication that I channel is always loving and of the highest vibration. I am not open to bringing forward darkness or lower vibrations as I feel that does not support us in our journeys. I have never had a client experience fear or darkness from any channelings I have offered. I believe that fear and darkness are what we create in human form and what I am bringing through is light and love from a high divine vibration.

How should I prepare for my session?

It may be helpful for you to give some advance thought to who and what you would like to bring forward. For example, specific people you want to hear from and/or specific situations in which you would like to find clarity. It may be helpful to write down your questions so that you can remember specifically what you’d like to ask. It is also highly recommended that you record your session so that you may be fully present to receive the messages but also be able to go back and review the session for any important pieces you may have forgotten. There are a number of good smartphone applications available for the purpose of recording phone calls. Additionally, you could use an external recording device and put your phone on the speaker mode in order to record.

What am I likely to feel after my session is completed?

Clients have reported feeling lighter, more loving, relieved, released from old thought patterns, hopeful, joyful, and more connected. Some clients have reported feeling emotionally drained as a lot of feelings can be released when you hear from loved ones with beautiful messages. I recommend setting aside some quiet time after your session in which to journal your feelings, drink plenty of water, and rest/meditate if you’re so inclined. Often, we move a lot of energy during sessions and this can feel both exhilarating and tiring at the same time. Honor your own spirit and body and allow yourself time to absorb and process the powerful connections you’ve made.

Can I refer family and friends for a session?

Absolutely. Referrals are greatly appreciated. If you find that your session has offered you clarity and insight that you’ve found beneficial and healing, please refer your family and friends. Some clients also purchase sessions as gifts for their loved ones.

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