Animal Empath Webinar


With Stephanie Banks

Do you love animals and have a special connection to them?

Do you ever feel their pain and suffering in your own body or heart?

Do you have anxiety about the welfare of animals, especially after learning of abuse or neglect?

Do you identify as an animal empath?

Here’s what I want you to know: You are not alone. There are many of us highly sensitive beings who connect deeply to animals. The fear, sadness, and despair that you may feel from the animals is an invitation for you to step into further action on their behalf. No, you cannot save or help everyone. But you can have an impact that will lighten your heart and support animals at the same time.

Join me for this FREE webinar to learn some tools to transmute the heavier feelings you may be having on behalf of the animals.

I will also do some live channeling from the animals to support us all on our journeys.

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