Hello beautiful soul!

I had the good fortune to bring my kids on a trip to Oregon recently. It was a spectacular adventure filled with mountains, rivers, trees, expansive sky, beautiful animals, generous people, and delicious plant-based food. We made new friends and met up with some very special people with whom I’ve worked.

We hiked an area known as Multnomah Falls which is near the Columbia River Gorge. On September 2, 2017 a 15-year old boy lit fireworks during a burn ban and set aflame more than 50,000 acres of protected forest. The fire burned for three months and consumed countless wildlife, plants/trees, and homes. Years later, the land is still recovering.

Here are some fun facts about fireworks that you may not know:

1. Fireworks release carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and fine particulate matter into the air, contributing to poor air quality and climate change.

2. Fireworks release aluminum, barium, chlorine, and perchlorate into the water, causing harm to aquatic life.

3. Fireworks disturb and traumatize wild animals who flee in shock and fear, becoming disoriented and unable to find their way home. Some abandon their young/nests and get hit by vehicles in their efforts to flee. Wildlife rehab centers report an influx of injured, orphaned, and traumatized animals after fireworks have been used.

5. Animal shelters report an influx of companion animals who fled their homes when fireworks were used in the vicinity.

6. Many people and animals have PTSD from the sounds, smells, and sights of fireworks that can activate flashbacks and anxiety. For example: veterans who have fought in wars, first responders, people affected by gun violence and school shootings.

Every year, I dread New Year’s Eve and July 4th specifically because of the fireworks. Two of my dogs are traumatized by the sounds and our evenings are filled with their panic while I try in vain to manage their anxiety with every resource available to me.

Most people do not consider the significant negative impacts that lighting fireworks has on others.

I think it’s time for that to change.

There are so many other ways to celebrate. Let’s evolve beyond harmful practices and instead show more care and compassion towards all life upon this beautiful planet.

May your holiday be safe and peaceful.

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