Hello beautiful soul!

It’s been hot here in South Florida…mid 90’s with no rain. As I was walking my dogs in the afternoon heat, an Amazon delivery truck was driving through the neighborhood with its doors and windows wide open to allow for some air circulation. 

I observed as the young man stopped in front of many homes, placing their packages carefully at the front entrance. I remembered how I used to take better care of delivery drivers during the pandemic. 

My kids and I used to fill a cardboard box with chips, granola bars, cookies and snacks and leave a cooler full of Vitamin Waters and sparkling water right next to that on our front porch. A note above the goodies was written by my daughter: Delivery Drivers, We appreciate you! Please help yourself to snacks and drinks!

Whenever we would hear the sound of a delivery truck pulling up, we’d get very excited. It was the pandemic, after all, so these were our only visitors. We would rush to the front door and hide from view. 

We’d excitedly whisper to one another (as if the driver could hear us through the closed door): Are they reading the note? Are they smiling? Can you tell if they are taking a snack? Oooh, look….they are taking the cookies! They will love the cookies! What flavor drink do you think they will choose? I’ll bet that guy chooses the lemonade! Look, she saw us and waved!

It was such fun! Pure, joyful, innocent fun. It was such a small act and brought us so much delight. 

As I watched this hard-working delivery driver run in and out of his truck in the sweltering heat, I felt a wave of sadness. We’d stopped appreciating our delivery people. We rely on them more than ever and yet we’d stopped letting them know how important they are to keeping our lives running smoothly. We were taking them for granted and that felt awful.

I ran home with my dog and had my son bring me a cold Olipop soda (you really must try these if you haven’t). I rushed outside to catch the driver, shouting and waving the cold can in the air. He stopped mid-step and turned towards me. When he realized what was happening, he smiled a big beautiful smile and walked in my direction.

Me: I appreciate you! You must be very hot. Thank you for bringing all these packages.

Him: Oh, thank you! You have no idea how much this drink means to me. All day I am sweating and running and people see me but no one even offers me some water. Even just some water would mean a lot.

Me: I’m so sorry. I was just thinking how much we appreciated our delivery workers during the pandemic and how all of that has stopped. We’ve returned to our little bubbles of busyness and forgotten about the people who make our lives run more smoothly. I’ll do better. And I’ll even write about this to my community.

Him: Well, I sure do appreciate that. Again, you have no idea how much this small thing just made my day so much better. God bless you.

So, there it is. An invitation. For me, for you, for us. Let’s remember all the folks whose work goes largely unnoticed and undervalued. Let’s extend acts of appreciation and kindness and care. Let’s continue repairing the fractured parts of humanity so that we can create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 

A cold drink goes a long, long way.

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