Hello Beautiful Soul!

My apologies to the Halloween enthusiasts out there, but I am not a fan of Halloween. The majority of Halloween candy is destructive to the rainforests and I’ve never felt comfortable buying it for that reason. Much to my kids’ embarrassment, we are the house that hands out pretzels.

Then there are the macabre decorations throughout my neighborhood. For years I would cover my young children’s eyes when we would walk the neighborhood so they would not be exposed to such images of death, violence, and fear.

I used to be pretty judgy when the teenagers, dressed in jeans and t-shirts, would come to the door. I would hand them their pretzels, close the door, then roll my eyes and think, “Aren’t they too old for this?” Now that I have teenagers, I have amended my ways.

The truth is that Halloween, for candy-loving humans of all ages, can be a wonderful holiday. Being outside, seeing neighbors you rarely see, and enjoying the cute kids (and dogs!) in costumes can actually be really sweet (pun intended). Why shouldn’t the teens enjoy it as well? Who says you have to be in a costume to earn your candy?

While you won’t find me in costume or participating in Halloween festivities, I am here to say that I hope that everyone (who wants to) enjoys Halloween without judgy looks or comments from others (ahem, me).

What about you? How do you feel about Halloween? What is your favorite (earth-friendly) treat to hand out?

Speaking of treats, come join my group channeling event this Friday evening and bring a friend for free! It’s the perfect time to gather in sacred circle with other open-hearted souls as we bring in messages and guidance from spirit to support us on our journeys.

All paid admissions are guaranteed a personal channeled message. I will channel for as many others as time allows. Use the button below to buy your ticket and then send the link to your friend to register as well.

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If you have any questions, please email support@soulinsight.com

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