Hello beautiful soul!

Have you ever witnessed simple human kindness that brought tears to your eyes? I had that experience the day before Thanksgiving when I brought a dear family member to a medical appointment.

We were in a freezing room with outdated recliners lining the walls. Each recliner had an IV pole next to it, providing the necessary medicinal infusions. Tired, sick, uncomfortable patients occupied the recliners as their IV bags dripped slowly into their veins. 

Seated in the recliner next to my beloved family member, was a bright-eyed older gentleman named Bernie. Bernie’s daughter occupied the hard plastic chair next to mine. 

I overheard Bernie tell this story to his nurse: When he was a young boy in school, his peers used to tease him because he had a Hebrew name that was hard to pronounce. He got tired of the teasing so he chose an easy to pronounce English name and has been called “Bernie” ever since.

As he spoke, I imagined youthful Bernie finding ways to cope with the unkindness of others. Changing his name was a way to take care of himself.

The nurse had given Bernie a package of cookies to help regulate his blood sugar. Bernie noticed me sitting across from him and he raised his eyebrows and waved his open bag of cookies in my direction. His silent offer of generosity moved me.

Despite the extremely cold temperature and the prevalence of severe illness, I could feel so much love in the room. I could feel the love of the family members who accompanied their cherished ones to their appointments. I could feel the love of the nurse who went to get extra blankets to keep her patients warm. I could feel Bernie’s love as he offered me some of his cookies. And I could feel the love of Bernie’s daughter who had moved to Florida to be closer to her parents.

When his infusion was complete, Bernie slowly arose from his recliner. He thanked his nurse, nodded to his daughter, and then turned to look at my family member. He looked back at me and said, “I really hope he will be ok. I’m going to pray for him.” 

Once Bernie was out of sight, I let a tear run down my face. Kindness heals.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of my wonderful clients who have shown great compassion and patience as I have had to reorganize my schedule to tend to my family member. Your kindness infuses me with even more love. 

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