This is a question that is often asked when people experience my work and learn that I have children. My short answer to this question is: Yes. Channeling for me means connecting to divine energy and wisdom. So yes, my kids channel. And yours do too. I believe all children are born with a deep and complete connection to their divinity and their sense of interconnection to all things living. This is evident as we witness the wonder with which children experience the natural world and their engagement with other living beings. Cultural conditioning, societal norms, family/religious teachings and expectations, traditional school environments, and a lot of other factors slowly but surely pinch off this inner knowing, valuing instead a goal of “fitting in” and “following the rules.”

In my home, I encourage prayer (conversations with Source), intuition, meditation, loving kindness, tree-hugging, observations of miracles, conversations with animals and plants, and anything else that places us in the higher frequency of love. I also encourage channeling, in whatever way feels comfortable for my children. All of my children have been gifted crystals, on more than one occasion. All of them have played with my pendulums on more than one occasion. At age 4, one of my children would hold his pendulum (yes, he has his own) and ask it “What’s for dinner tonight?” This would bring a huge smile to my face.

It is not uncommon for our connection to divine love/guidance to appear to fluctuate depending on what distractions are in our lives and where our attention is devoted. This is not a factor of divine guidance, which is always present; rather, it is a result of our own change of focus, insecurity, and distractibility. While I have frequent and animated conversations with two of my children around the topic of channeling, synchronicity, miracles, and soul communication, my oldest child really doesn’t resonate with these conversations. At this time in his life, it is not part of his belief system and he is prone to question everything (and I mean everything!) I say. My role with him now is to allow. Am I good at this? Not particularly. Would I prefer to have spiritual conversations with ease and feel understood? Most definitely! Might he never be a ‘believer’ in the same things that give me such joy, peace, and inner connection? He might not. But he might. And either way, it’s not my business.

What is my business? Living my truth is my business. Telling my truth is my business. Channeling divine guidance and soul communications for my clients is my business. Loving the earth and all her beings is my business. Protecting and restoring the planet for all future generations is my business. I’d say I have plenty to keep me busy.

Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC

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