So often in my channeling sessions, I receive guidance for my clients to get outside in nature. We all have heard and read about the benefits of spending time outdoors. Yet we don’t often commit to the practice of earthing (drawing energy up from the soles of the feet directly from the earth), meditating in nature, talking to trees and animals, planting a garden, going for a bike ride, hosting an outdoor fire ceremony, etc.

What if you knew that we only had a very limited amount of time to enjoy the earth as we know it? What if you sensed that the beautiful weather you’d taken for granted was going to turn tumultuous with more natural disasters and instability as climate change unfolds in the here and now? Would you make different choices? Would you make sure to enjoy and appreciate your present-day experiences on the planet in the great outdoors?

Well, that’s how I’m feeling these days. With all of the fires, floods, storms, deforestation, climate instability and destruction we are witnessing every day around the globe, we’d have to be delusional to pretend that any of us are immune to the impact of the climate crisis. That said, I have an invitation for you.

I invite you to do one thing each day that connects you to the natural world. Just one thing. Perhaps it is simply stepping outside for a few minutes and breathing in fresh air. Can you find gratitude for the clean air you breathe? Perhaps it is reaching out and touching (maybe even hugging?) a tree that is on your path, taking that moment to appreciate its beauty and purpose here on the planet.

Perhaps you love elephants as much as I do and choose to support an organization that is fighting poaching. Perhaps it is finally planting that indoor herb garden so you can witness the miracle of life unfolding from seed. Whatever it is for you, connecting to our magnificent generous planet will serve you and all humanity. We cannot protect what we do not love. I invite you to love Gaia as she endlessly loves and cares for us.

Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC

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