A couple months ago, I received an email from a dear client telling me that Lynne Twist from the Pachamama Alliance https://www.pachamama.org/ had extended an invitation for me to attend a Pachamama Alliance women’s journey into the Amazon rainforest. The purpose of the trip was to support our indigenous sisters as they work to protect this sacred part of the planet and rise to greater levels of leadership within their tribes and families. If Lynne Twist asks me to do something, I’m going to say yes. So even though I was scared and apprehensive, I said yes. I had all sorts of disturbing images in my mind about going to the rainforest. I pictured scorpions, venomous snakes, enormous bugs, unbearable heat, scalding sun, lack of plumbing, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, yellow fever, typhoid, mosquitoes and malaria… My imagination went wild with the fearsome images.

I still said yes. On some level, my intuition knew it was my time to make this type of journey. In fact, my intuition told me I was going to the Amazon many months prior when someone randomly asked me where I’d like to travel in the world. To my great surprise I said “the Amazon rainforest” even though I truly had no desire to go there. Or so I thought. Intuition is an interesting thing. If we are listening and attuned to the subtle frequency of intuition, it will show us and guide us exactly where we are meant to be. My intuition also knows that I do not like physical discomfort and I do not function well on disrupted sleep. My intuition must have known that the perfect trip awaited me and included the creature comforts I hold dear: good sleep, good food, good friends, and the healing power of Gaia. I could fill pages about the experiences I had with the Achuar tribe and my fellow sisters in the Amazon. What I most want to convey for this purpose of this post is that all the frightening imagery that my imagination conjured in anticipation of the trip was simply imagery.

None of it turned out to be realistic or true. There was running water in the bathrooms, flush toilets, incredibly comfortable beds, dorm-like rooms with 2 people sharing a room, some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten, and electricity. I did not see any scorpions, venomous snakes, or any wildlife that made me feel even remotely uncomfortable. I didn’t even get a single mosquito bite. Not one. The weather was hot and humid but being from Florida I was very accustomed to that. I didn’t even get a sunburn. Not even a little one. The Achuar tribespeople received us warmly. They built incredibly comfortable spaces for us to sleep, dine, bathe, and hold ceremony. They built an airstrip so that our tiny planes could safely land in their territories. They shared their sacred land, animals, and trees with us.

They cooked meals for us with love and care. They opened their hearts and homes to us in the hopes that we will do our part to tell others about the importance of protecting this part of the world from mining, oil exploration/exploitation, and clearcutting for farmland. I credit the Pachamama Alliance and their incredible team of organizers, trip leaders, and the Achuar guides/tribespeople with giving me the trip of a lifetime. I made friendships that I know will endure and renewed my relationship and commitment to Gaia. I am still unpacking the profound experiences. I invite you to consider taking your family on this trip of a lifetime. You’ll be forever changed. https://www.pachamama.org/journeys


Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC

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