This sweet little hand-made sign hangs on my bedroom door. My kids made it for me more than 7 years ago when my channeling business started growing.

Here’s how it works: Facing out means do not interrupt because I am in session with a client. Facing inward means they can enter and not worry about disrupting me.

Over the years, this sign has seen a lot of use. It has had to be re-taped multiple times. Once, it even had to be replaced because the paper version didn’t hold up so well. (This one is fashioned from more durable cardboard).

These days, instead of flipping the sign, I use a white noise machine outside my door. It is an audible signal to my kids that I am working with clients and they need to keep their voices on the quieter side. It also adds another layer of privacy for my clients.

Even though I’m not longer flipping the sign to signal my channeling sessions,  I’m going to keep it right where it belongs. It’s a daily reminder of my kids’ love and support for my soul’s work in the world.

They think what I do is super cool. I have to agree.

Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC


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