Hello beautiful soul!

I turned 50 in July.
I know.
Part of me still doesn’t believe it.

It felt like an important milestone, so I threw myself a party. I wanted to honor this special birthday by celebrating with my closest local friends. Only, I wanted to make the celebration about them, not me.

Despite the visibility my work creates, I am an introvert at heart.

So, I chose a very special venue, The Modern Rose, for their tasty plant-based foods, wonderful teas, excellent service and beautiful private room. My sister sent me 15 long-stemmed red roses to distribute to each of my dear friends, as a thank you for the important role they’d served in my life.

As my friends enjoyed the succulent food, I stood up and announced that I had a little something to share. I had spent the previous weeks preparing a dedication for each person present. I read aloud each person’s dedication, through laughter and tears. I spoke about the specific things they did that had blessed my life.

And, of course, ended each dedication with “Will you accept this rose?” as I handed them their blossom.

It is so important to let the people we love know what they mean to us and how their words and acts of kindness have positively influenced our lives. A special occasion, like having a birthday, is a wonderful time to reflect on this.

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting many different types of sacred gatherings: Blessingway Ceremonies for friends getting married or expecting a baby, prayer and healing ceremonies, bar/bat mitzvahs for my children, and channeling for friends under the full moon at the beach. Every single time I invite sacred energy into a space of celebration, I am blessed with grace.

Maybe you would like to create a sacred gathering with your loved ones. I encourage you to do so. You don’t need to turn 50 to make it happen!

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