Hello beautiful soul!

Recently, I held a class reunion for some of my Channeling Masterclass students from 2021. We gathered on Zoom and my heart swelled with joy and pride as I listened to the many ways these exquisite souls are using their intuitive skills in their personal, professional, and daily lives.

I beamed as *Johnny shared how the masterclass teachings and channeled messages led him to his soul’s work providing shamanic healing sessions, drumming circles, spirit animal discoveries, and becoming a partner in a local metaphysical store. He says, “There’s not a single thing I do that does not include channeling at some point. None of this would have happened without Stephanie Banks’ guidance, teachings, support, love and patience. Thank you, Stephanie Banks”.

I celebrated as *Leslie shared how the masterclass prompted her to follow her calling as an intuitive consultant/coach working with people in her corporate industry. She has a gorgeous new website, new career, and teaches seminars on intuition in the workplace to large groups of people in her industry.

I delighted in *Annie’s story about following her soul’s calling as an animal communicator. Without even trying, she is able to tap into details (with astounding clarity) of the dogs in her community. Her own home is now filled with seven canines who will live their best lives with a phenomenal human.

I was moved to tears as I listened to *Teresa share how she is now able to receive direct communication and counsel from her ancestors to clear ancestral wounds. She knows her spirit guides by name and receives specific direction from them to heal the land she lives upon.

And I swelled with joy as *Maria shared how she is using her powerful intuition in her practice as a bodyworker and healer. She is a sought-after healer and welcomes the ancestors to support the healing she transmits.

There are so many more stories I could share. But, you get the idea. The possibilities are endless when we use the wisdom of our heart and the guidance of our intuition to chart our course in life.

My Channeling Masterclass Level 1 starts this week! Today is the last day for registration. If you want in, now is the time.

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