Hello beautiful soul!

My kids and I were hiking recently in an Ohio state nature preserve. It happened to be my daughter’s birthday. The preserve was adjacent to a private farm where we noticed some sweet mother cows with their young calves.

The hike was strenuous and my kids finished ahead of me. As I was coming around a bend, I heard a sound. A cow sound. You might be tempted to call it a “Moo”, only it wasn’t simply a moo. It was deep and soulful and halted me in my tracks. I instantly knew: That mama is in labor.

Perhaps it is the doula in me. Perhaps it is the animal empath. Perhaps it is my own personal and professional experience with birth. Whatever the reason, 
I knew that moo.

I stopped and turned toward the cow. We were 25 feet from one another and separated by a wire fence.  I studied her behavior: restless, turning her head towards her belly, laying down, getting up, walking slowly, mooing distinctly.

She looked up and met my eyes. We held our gaze for a long time. I told her, “I see you. You can do this. You are strong. You are safe. You are loved. This is a special day to have a baby. I had a baby this very same day 18 years ago. I am with you, sending you strength, love, and protection as you do this hard work”.

I stood there and cried for the plight of this sweet mother who would not have the opportunity to fully nurture her baby. They would be separated far too soon, both of them used as commodities in a broken and destructive food system. It felt impossible to reconcile the joyous miracle of new life and the despair that would inevitably follow.

I could not stay for the duration of her birth so I prayed for them both and went on my way. I am so grateful for the divine timing that allowed me to be present for that mother cow. I will never forget sharing that connection with her: Two mothers of different species joined in strength, resilience, and hope.

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