I received a text last week from a lovely client who requested that I come to her home to channel her dog Ziggy. Ziggy is still alive, but it was explained that his health had been rapidly declining. The veterinarian had mentioned the possibility of euthanizing if Ziggy did not show signs of improvement. My client felt torn: While she acknowledged that Ziggy was indeed sick, she was unsure if this was the proper timing for such a final act.

I have had the honor of channeling Ziggy months ago, though I had not met him in-person. He has a magnificent spirit so I was quite happy to have the opportunity to meet him. It was briefly explained to me that Ziggy’s health had been progressively worsening and that he had not eaten or moved around much in several days.

I arrived at my client’s home and was greeted by a bright eyed, joyful, energetic dog who danced circles in front of me and licked my face as I made a big fuss over him. I assumed that Ziggy was resting elsewhere in a cozy corner and that this effusive dog was his house mate. I soon learned that there was only one dog in this household. I was surprised as I had expected to see an infirm dog with low energy. The dog I met did not fit that description by any stretch.

We moved to the living room where we sat down to begin the channeling session. As soon as I began to receive and speak the messages, Ziggy joined me by making joyful barking noises as though we were having a conversation. We laughed and delighted in his antics while he wagged his tail and continued his monologue. Quite proud of himself, Ziggy then approached me, licked my face, and stuck his head deep into my purse sniffing out the dog treat I had packed months ago. I have two dogs of my own and am rarely without an emergency stock of treats.

Ziggy’s owners were thrilled that he was interested in eating and he devoured the dog treat with gusto. It was such a pleasure to observe him enjoying food after so many days of refusing to eat. The three of us were enthralled with these enormous changes in Ziggy’s energy and vitality.

Did my presence in the home cure Ziggy? Of course not. However, I do believe that the energy I contributed and exchanged with him had a positive and profound effect on us both. His joy and love were palpable to me and I must assume that he felt something similar emanating from me. Add that to the immense love he shares with his family and all of the hope and purpose for which we were gathered, and you have a powerful mix.

Eventually, Ziggy settled onto the couch with his owners and I resumed channeling. This sweet dog’s soul had many things to teach us. For one, he communicated that he did not need food to fuel his energy. Rather, he needed energy to fuel his energy. While he had been sick and undesiring of food, he completely perked up and became his old self when people came to the house to visit. This exact situation had happened before with a visit from Ziggy’s grandparents.

He taught us about the importance of the quality of energy that we bring to any situation. My client recognized that she had been mourning Ziggy as she observed his decline in health. She noticed that she was bringing a sorrowful energy to the dynamic and decided that was not serving either of them. She resolved to shift the energy that she was bringing to a higher vibration and had already noticed an improvement.

I made a suggestion that my clients have a “Ziggy party” each day whereby they invite a friend or family member over for a brief visit. This could provide Ziggy (and my clients) with a fresh energy that might serve to support all of them during this time. Ziggy clearly responded positively to new energy that was focused on him. His wondrous spirit truly sparkled when we showered him with positivity, affection, laughter, and delight.

Ziggy also reminded us that animals have specific purpose in our lives. They join us in our journeys for very meaningful and profound reasons. In Ziggy’s case, he was a loving and nonjudgmental companion through some very tumultuous and challenging times. He has provided my client with constant love and support through some intense transitions. They’ve both reaped the benefits of my client’s current healthy and loving marriage in which Ziggy is an important part. My clients are deeply connected to this sweet soul that came to the earth in the physical form of a dog. No matter when Ziggy makes his final transition, it seems apparent that he will do so having left a legacy of compassion, joy, deep connection, and lasting love.

To many of us, our pets are an intimate and sacred part of our earthly experience. Animals are able to hold a space of complete acceptance, love, and affection in ways that humans often fall short. Animals have the capacity to heal us, bring joy and laughter, and remind us of our interconnectedness. I am so grateful for Ziggy, my own dogs, and all animals that serve as our teachers as we navigate this journey.

What about you? Who were your childhood (or adulthood) pets to which you were profoundly connected? What did they teach you about life, love, self?

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Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC

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