In my membership group recently, a client asked to hear from the soul perspective of Jesus. These were her questions which related to our current pandemic: Is this the end times? Or a new beginning? What’s the best way to put things in perspective?

Channeled message: 

Feel the softness around you. It is my presence surrounding you. The time that is dangerous for those with human minds right now stems from the willingness to engage in ingestion/consumption of information that is not only inaccurate but has at its core ill-will. From just a few, to be sure, but just a few is actually many when you look closely at the numbers. It is the chaotic and confusing misinformation that carries the farthest and widest on the waves.

Please take this to heart to verify and question everything that is being disseminated. Everything. This is not the time to solely rely on what you believe to be information, your own understanding, or even those who you believe were taught by the ascended ones and masters. It is the time for miracles. You are a miracle and you have the ability to unfold miracles. Miracles at their core are from love.

Look right up face to face with that which seems impossible/frightening/insurmountable. And go ahead anyways. Bring yourself in service to the greater good, to the littlest and grandest of beings. You are bringing me in for counsel because I showed just that. I lived that. I continue to exude that from whatever sphere or arena I happen to be offering the greatest of my own energy. Be that. Be me. Be you. Be love. Bring that. It is time for withinness. And it is time to conceive of that which you all have been quite literally dying for…which is a new earth that holds the frequency of love and therefore nonpollution and therefore clarity, divinity, interconnectedness, even in the face of forced physical disconnection.

Before you travel yet again down the road and path of fear that others have done the kindness of paving for you (sarcasm intended), stop and retreat within and remember that nothing is true anymore and everything is true all at once. You must suspend what you have been told and what you have read, even the ‘good stuff’ that brings you peace…you cannot know just yet. There is plenty of time to explore that when the time is proper. Your only concern now is your journey of love and service.

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Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC

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