Hello beautiful soul!

One distinction that has often caused me some confusion and uncertainty is how to differentiate between the spirit and the soul. Occasionally, I have used the two terms interchangeably, though they are actually quite different.

With the help of a wonderful teacher, Sonia Choquette, I now understand the distinction.

What is the soul?

The soul is the aspect of our self that embodies the sum total of our conscious lifetime experiences. I believe that our souls return to various physical bodies over many lifetimes in order to learn, grow and expand. The soul carries the totality of consciousness and a memory of its experiences, both positive and negative.

The soul contains all our feelings, understanding, love, confusion, despair, joy, trauma, transcendence, and learning from our first moment of separation from Source until the present day. The soul’s vibration is both light and dark. The soul uses past patterns and experiences to guide it on its quest back to nonphysical Source energy.

Being guided exclusively by the soul increases the tendency to repeat old behavior patterns, lack clear boundaries, become easily distracted and confused by others, and allow fear to overshadow love.

What is the spirit?

In contrast to the soul, the spirit has no past and no story to carry. The spirit is the eternal flame of light within. The spirit has never been separated from Source. There are no patterns to repeat and no timeline to follow. The energy of our spirit feels light, limitless, boundless, joyful, vibrant, and peaceful. 

While the soul is the ‘self’ that experiences life, the spirit is the witness overseeing the experiences. When we allow ourselves to be guided by our spirit, we have a clear sense of ourselves and our boundaries, we easily deflect negativity, remain calm under pressure, find humor easily, and live in the moment. 

In order to merge our soul with our true spirit, we must strengthen the focus and attention we place on our spirit rather than focus our attention exclusively on our soul. As we get better at this practice, we find that our lives are more joyful, light-filled, purposeful, meaningful, and humorous. 

When I channel, I am tuning into the soul perspective to gain understanding of the past life experiences, relationships, goals, and roles of a particular being. With divine support, that information is integrated with insights, humor, joy, and guidance to support the people for whom I am channeling. 

Aren’t we such fascinating creatures?

Ready to hear from your soul and receive the guidance of your true spirit?

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