I’ve done a lot of courageous things in my life. Giving birth (at home, unmedicated, multiple times), changing careers, homeschooling, and getting divorced rank up there among some of my bravest decisions.

But perhaps my most courageous choice was the one I made when I decided to give a TedX talk.

In 2018, I did not consider myself a public speaker. The mere thought of getting on a stage and having my speech recorded in perpetuity was enough to make me hyperventilate. It made no logical sense to the part of my mind that wants to keep me safe.

And yet, there was a strong internal driving force that nudged me forward.

At first, I avoided talking about THE THING. I wrote draft after draft of proposed topics to the TedX curator. After each submitted proposal, her response would be the same: Not quite…try again. I came up with a new idea and submitted it.

Not quite, try again.

After several rejected drafts, the curator (sensing that I was holding back) asked me this question: “Tell me, what is it you do professionally?”

I responded, “It’s easier if I show you”. We set up a session and I shared my channeling work with her.

Immediately after the session she said, “Ok, this is something that you MUST talk about in your TedX speech. People need to hear about the gifts you have to connect to souls in this way. The way the language and communication just streams through you from invisible places is astonishing and so loving.”

I felt my adrenaline surge. My heart rate quickened. Was it really safe to share my deepest truth on a world-wide platform? I had intentionally avoided speaking of it because sharing the story of my channeling gifts felt threatening.

Would the audience receive me with acceptance? Rejection? Mockery?

At the time, I was married to someone who did not believe in my gifts. If my own marriage did not have space for all of me, could I trust that the world would?

I took a risk. A big risk. I prepared and rehearsed my speech for months. I performed it on the stage in front of cameras and an audience. It is out there on the interwebs for all to see.

TEDx Video

No more hiding or playing small. No more diminishing myself to make others feel more comfortable.

I am an intuitive channel. It feels so good to own it and to have found the courage to speak it.

Know what? I believe we are all channels for divine love and wisdom. That’s why I teach others how to channel. I envision a world in which we all trust our inner voice of wisdom and divinity.

Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC


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