January 30, 2023

Group Channeling Event

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Join other high vibe souls on a group channeling call!

These zoom calls are the perfect way to gain insight and clarity in your life.
With your paid registration, you will have an opportunity to receive a personal channeled message from the highest vibrational loving energy.

We all learn from each other, so even if it is someone else’s message, you will likely see that it pertains to you as well.

portrait of Stephanie Banks, wearing a maroon top and sitting on a gray lounge

Monday January 30th
at 8pm


This is a zoom event.

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See what other people have to say about their experience with Stephanie!

“Stephanie operates at a much higher frequency of energy that most people aren’t aware exists. When I see somebody coming to this work with such integrity and high vibration…well, I was captivated.”

Founder of Pavima.com and business coach

“Working with Stephanie is like compressing years of therapy into hours. By working with Stephanie, I can go directly to the heart of the issue.”

Founder of Sattva Wisdom Center and Attorney

“Stephanie’s channeling helped me help my daughter (to sleep better), which helped all of us (as a family). Stephanie helped me ‘come out’ as an intuitive channel and work with clients and build my business as an intuitive channel.”

Bridget Shoquist
BARE Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Channel

“Stephanie is giving you the opportunity to ask those questions that you never get to ask to levels of consciousness that you can choose. She can move effortlessly between frequencies to express what is there. She is just expressing what is there, she’s not filtering it through what she thinks. She’s a very clean channel and that is a real gift.” 

Clare Dubois
Founder of Tree Sisters

“I was in therapy at the time and this was like therapy on steroids. My therapist was like, ‘Wow you are making a lot of progress on this right now!’ My sessions with Stephanie really enabled me to look far beyond what I could have not done on my own.”

Frank Sgrizzi

“Her ability and her gifts come from such a joyous and loving place that it allows you to get out of that stuck very specific place and look on a much broader level.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I should fear that might come through my messages?

No. Since I am channeling from fifth dimensional consciousness, your messages are coming from a high vibrational loving frequency. Divine energy is all around us and within us. The energy of divinity is light-filled, loving, compassionate, accepting, and kind. I do the necessary work to maintain myself as a clear channel so that I can attune to the highest loving vibration and bring that wisdom forward for my clients.

Can I hear a message from my own soul?

Yes. It can be enormously powerful and transformational to hear from the perspective of one’s own soul, or higher self. The soul is the student aspect of our being that is here to learn and grow and play out a variety of experiences to that end. Hearing more about your soul’s desires, direction, and reflections can be very useful.

Will you be able to tell me where Uncle Morty hid the safe before he died? Or what my grandmother’s favorite perfume was?

No. I attune to fifth dimensional consciousness when I am channeling. The fifth dimension is the light body, which is the state of love, light, unity consciousness, and the recognition of our interconnectedness. Messages brought from this perspective offer important insight, guidance, and information to support us in our third dimensional (physical plane) lives. For concrete information that relates specifically to the third dimension, you may be better served by a psychic.

What types of questions do clients ask during a session?

Many clients ask for clarity around their relationships, career/professional life, life transitions, upcoming decisions, specific situations/circumstances, and/or their soul’s purpose. Others ask to hear from the soul perspective of specific loved ones who are either on the earth or on the other side. I work with parents who wish to hear from the soul perspective of their children to find out how they can best support their children in their journeys. I work with entrepreneurs, administrators, and CEO’s who ask me to tune into business ideas, projects, potential partnerships, and complex work relationships. I work with therapists, energy workers, and healers who use my channeling to support them in their healing work. I work with couples who want to know more about each other’s soul to enhance their spiritual connection. I work with adult children who are caretaking for their parents and want to shift their perspective to be better caregivers.

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