April 25, 8-9:30pm ET

Channeling for Charity

Kabul Small Animal Rescue

Kabul Small Animal Rescue is a veterinary clinic and animal shelter in Afghanistan working to help animals in need. KSAR provides routine care for owned animals as well as medical care and shelter to injured and orphaned street animals. We also find loving homes for homeless pets by providing adoption services both in Afghanistan and abroad. The majority of our patients and residents are dogs and cats, but we have also treated and provided sanctuary for livestock, birds, rabbits, and tortoises. Our full-service clinic is open and staffed by licensed veterinarians 24/7.

KSAR is overwhelmed with hundreds of animals in need of homes. They need to move these healthy, adoptable animals to the United States where they can be adopted into loving, forever homes. The situation for companion animals in Afghanistan is dire and they need our support. 

100% of your donation goes to this life saving flight to give these animals a chance at the life and freedom they deserve, and also to help this incredibly important animal rescue to continue to provide its life-saving services to dogs and cats in Afghanistan. 


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Date: April 25, 2024
Time: 8-9:30pm EST
Donation Amount: $100
100% of proceeds go directly to this life-saving mission.

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