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See what other people have to say about their experience with Stephanie!

“Stephanie operates at a much higher frequency of energy that most people aren’t aware exists. When I see somebody coming to this work with such integrity and high vibration…well, I was captivated.”


Founder of Pavima.com and business coach

“Working with Stephanie is like compressing years of therapy into hours. By working with Stephanie, I can go directly to the heart of the issue.”


Founder of Sattva Wisdom Center and Attorney

“Stephanie’s channeling helped me help my daughter (to sleep better), which helped all of us (as a family). Stephanie helped me ‘come out’ as an intuitive channel and work with clients and build my business as an intuitive channel.”


Bridget Shoquist

BARE Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Channel

“Stephanie is giving you the opportunity to ask those questions that you never get to ask to levels of consciousness that you can choose. She can move effortlessly between frequencies to express what is there. She is just expressing what is there, she’s not filtering it through what she thinks. She’s a very clean channel and that is a real gift.”


Clare Dubois

Founder of Tree Sisters

Channeling Package Testimonials

See what other people have to say about their channeling package experience with Stephanie!

“I was in therapy at the time and this was like therapy on steroids. My therapist was like, ‘Wow you are making a lot of progress on this right now!’ My sessions with Stephanie really enabled me to look far beyond what I could have not done on my own.”


Frank Sgrizzi

“Her ability and her gifts come from such a joyous and loving place that it allows you to get out of that stuck very specific place and look on a much broader level.”



Channeling Masterclass Testimonials

See what other people have to say about their experience with Stephanie!

“One of my focuses over the latter half of my life is to be more in touch with, or open to, living out my inner wisdom: messages from spirit. I knew that this (class) was about becoming more open to receiving messages from other beings so I took it for that purpose and I have gotten a lot of value from it.”



“What I value most about Stephanie and this class has been the transformational nature that she has brought in my life. The trust I feel with her is unparalleled.”



“I have to commend Stephanie for basically taking a group of strangers from all over the country and bringing them all together in a matter of weeks. These groups of strangers became friends and it seemed like we melted together in one phenomenal group.”



“One of the things that I have learned from being in this class which has been amazing and profound for me is the ability to tap into different vibrational frequencies. Thank you for holding a container of high vibrational, loving, playful, joyful, inclusive energy for this class.”



“I think the thing that I value the most with Stephanie is her ability to tap into wherever I am. She just has really helped me see myself more clearly and be honest with myself wherever I’m at and to accept that and lean into it more.”



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