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Channeling written Testimonials

Stephanie is an amazing, clearly gifted intuitive channel who brings through messages from the spirit world that are filled with wisdom, guidance, and soul. She is a miracle worker with total integrity.  My sessions with her were mind-blowing, life-changing, enormously powerful, and totally useful. Stephanie is a true gift for me and I trust her completely. She’s the real deal.


Lynne Twist

Founder and President, Soul of Money Institute, Co-Founder The Pachamama Alliance, Keynote presenter and workshop facilitator for conferences including: United Nations Beijing Women’s Conference, Nobel Women’s Conference on Sexual Violence, State of the World Forum Conference, Alliance for a New Humanity Conference with Deepak Chopra, Synthesis Dialogues with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Governor’s Conference on California Women

lynne twist
sara vetter

Stephanie is pure magic and a master. She has been extremely helpful in my own life – many times.


Sara Vetter

Business Development Director, Soul of Money Institute

I had the good fortune of experiencing Stephanie’s Intuitive Channeling. She is of pure heart and intention & I felt that her insights were very helpful to me. She shared information and messages for me that were very useful to my life. I left the session joyful and with a greater sense of well-being. having my soul be witnessed with unconditional love was very affirming.


Shanti Gilbert

Divine Creation High Priestess of Gentle Power

shanti gilbert

My introduction to Stephanie was in a group setting and I was impressed by how each woman was touched by what Stephanie channeled for them. Wanting to know more, I booked a private session with her. I was impressed with her genuine, transparent, down to earth approach which totally dispelled any doubts or skepticism I may have had. I have had several sessions with her since.

I highly recommend Stephanie as a woman with a true connection to spirit who can provide you with amazing information about yourself and those you care about. It’s not often you find someone with a real gift such as Stephanie has.


Jo Ann Kobuke

Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Professional Fear Tamer

I had an amazing session with Stephanie. From the first moment, her warmth and presence were palpable across the phone connection. I felt she was truly “with” me, not just how she connected with me on the call, but how it felt she joined me in the space of inquiry that I am in right now. Her presence and her process felt deeply reassuring yet empowering.

Our session was remarkably lighthearted, deeply insightful, and illuminated what I knew, allowing me to affirm and own what I know about where I am right now. It wasn’t so much what she said (though that was pretty amazing, truth be told, totally knocked my socks off); throughout the session, I just had the feeling that all was well, that I was in the right place, everything is going to be better than ok. I just felt a huge sense of ease.

When she channeled information there was NO doubt about the truth of it. The language, images, references, and manner of communication channeled was unmistakably specific to me and my life. I can’t wait to go back and listen to the recording and take it in on a deeper level.


Kristy Zeiler Scher

Yoga Teacher & Registered Nurse

kristy scher
allison crow

I have had the opportunity to have both private and group channeling sessions with Stephanie. Each. And. Every. time….she has been the vehicle for such profound and clear guidance and information. These messages ground me, support me, and are often the anchor for my next breadth of expansion. RUN, do not walk, to secure a private or group session with Stephanie. You will be amazed and honored at the Divine that comes through”.


Allison Crow

High-End Business and Life Coach

I have been working with Stephanie on a regular basis for a few years. Each time we have a session I come away with clarity that I was not able to arrive at by any other means. The most recent session at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic was particularly valuable.In that session, it became clear that I needed to reach out to my musical community and provide them with hope in the form of a free training session. My fears of failure have stopped me before in taking action but through the message delivered to me, I was able to overcome those fears and get in action. In less than a week I designed a lecture, learned the technology needed and registered over 800 people to view my live stream. The Livestream ended up reaching people in many parts of the world with amazing messages of gratitude sent directly to me. I value Stephanie’s work very highly and I am grateful for all she provides. I look forward to each session and to the insights, peace and clarity they provide.


Robert Durso

Cofounder, Senior Director, Teacher, Golandsky Institute

smiling man
eva angell
I have not had much experience with channeling in the past and in fact I was quite skeptical about its legitimacy until I had a session with Stephanie. Stephanie has a warm, loving and straight forward way to put you at ease while authentically connecting with you at a deep level. My session with her opened up a new world of possibilities by guiding me through a career path I had taken and helping me learn how to better read the signs of my body’s feedback. Since then I have never looked back.

Eva Angell

Fundraising Associate , Pachamama Alliance

For much of my working life, I’ve had the experience that I bring a great deal of creativity, dependability, and a strong work ethic to everything I take on. At the same time, I’ve experienced being underpaid, and have struggled to ask compensation reflecting my efforts and abilities. In short, much of my professional life has been fraught with long periods of self-doubt and conflicting views of my own worth. The day after completing Stephanie’s Intuitive Channeling class, I received a job offer making more money than I have ever made. My new employer is well regarded within the financial services industry, and my new office is a 20-minute walk from my home. My professional credentials alone did not cause this to happen – of this, I am certain. Stephanie’s class and her brilliant guidance opened me up to trust my higher self, and to ask the Universe for abundance and ease at this stage of my life. Channeling with Stephanie has been a blessing to me, and she is a true gift to us all!


Stuart Papavassiliou


Channeling Testimonials

See what other people have to say about their experience with Stephanie!

Hi Stephanie! You did a reading for me on July 4, 2019 that was really integral to my path and now, 2 years later, your words are exactly right on. This is at a time of importance that I have never experienced in my lifetime. I don’t know if you remember, but you spoke to my soul to give me some direction. Then you spoke to my son’s soul at my request to get something to hold onto to soothe me. He has struggled with extreme addictions/suicide attempts, etc. His soul’s message to me not only kept me going, (I read it at least once every single day) but validated all that I know and understand to this point. I have experienced stunning external changes and internal transformation in the past 2 years. I am writing this out of deep gratitude to you and your guides for giving me this extraordinarily rare and perfect help at a very real pivot point in my journey. I finally shared your message with him last week, and I tried to attend your free reading on the 23rd with him, but technology didn’t work out for us. It turns out that is fine, I got to see a few minutes of your smiling face – but the messages from 2 years ago are exactly on point for us right now. I do not have the money to pay you for what you are well worth, but I can give you something even more valuable – love and thanks and appreciation. You are one-of-a-kind and I wholeheartedly believe in the source you channel and the way you do it. 

Thank you for being. Happy Mother’s Day. 

With much love, Patti Orlando

For those of us with even a fledgling inkling of intuitive spark to those of us who live our daily lives immersed beyond our five senses, Stephanie enriches the intuition in us all. She does this through attention; not of ourselves or where we are in our process, but through attention on “other”, our non-physical surroundings. 

This attention opens us up for even more cumulative attention and in turn we learn more of ourselves. It seems the “other” and self are one and the same anyway. Her teachings are the embodiment of who she is, a wonderful human and incredible spiritual guide.


Jeff Perry

Channeling Testimonials

See what other people have to say about their experience with Stephanie!

Thank you so much, Stephanie. This was such a wonderful experience, worth every penny.  You brought so much value to our hour together and I am so glad I get to revisit the recording over and over.  I will gladly recommend you to others and I’m sure I will reach out to you for another session down the road.




Stephanie’s gift of channeling is amazing and has allowed me to reconnect with both of my departed parents, provided sound career advice from my spirit guides and even tapped into my connection with a beloved animal in need. Beyond our 1:1 channeling sessions, I have recently completed Stephanie’s Masterclass where I was part of a small class to learn how to utilize the intuitive gifts we all have. We began as a group of zooming strangers who were all at different levels of consciousness and, through Stephanie’s thoughtful guidance, we grew into a team. While fostering an accepting, supportive and loving community within our Masterclass, Stephanie offered her knowledge and experience with bi-weekly zoom classes.  Stephanie’s Masterclass is a wonderful opportunity to explore your inner wisdom in a comfortable, accepting and fun environment.


Anita Aldoupolis

Hi Stephanie – thank you for giving me permission to slow down . I needed to hear it 🥰…… I so appreciate your amazing gift and am feeling so much better and clearer today .  I can breathe . I will continue to breathe intentionally and slowly . 

Thank you for being of service . You are so gifted and kind ,  magical

Really ….a wonderful safe  Channel for my soul’s voice to be heard 

❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Vanessa

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