Have you ever felt like your intuition is trying to communicate to you but you’re not sure what it’s saying?

Is it hard to hear your inner voice of wisdom as it competes with the outer noise of your busy life?

Ever wanted to learn how to tune in more fully to your intuition in order to be able to trust it completely?

Have you considered honing your intuitive skills to use in your profession?

Online Channeling Workshop with Stephanie Levenston

My experience with Stephanie was so uplifting and brought together the pieces I needed to now begin doing what I’ve longed to do. She is an excellent teacher; able to transmit the energy, the knowledge and the encouragement with great joy and inspiration. She is clear, funny, heartwarming and she knows what she is doing! She has so much to offer that I will be looking for more!

Semele B.

Through carefully curated practices, activities, assignments/suggestions, techniques, and meditations you will travel the road back to trusting your inner voice of truth and wisdom. This is a 6 class series with over 10 hours of recorded classes in which participants learn to navigate using their true inner compass. Stephanie Levenston, professional Intuitive Channel, has compiled her best practices in this course to teach others how to use their intuition for personal and professional gain. Participants are at all levels of spiritual practice, from those who consider themselves beginners to those who meditate regularly and use their intuition professionally. Learn alongside an open-hearted open-minded group of 28 souls who ask deep questions and share their inner journeys.

What we will cover in this class series

  • Building the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling spiritual practice
  • Meditation myths and helpful tips
  • Practical techniques for managing stress, overwhelm, and general distractions to be able to tune in to energy
  • Discussion of channeling tools such as the pendulum for receiving guidance
  • Writing prompts to receive guidance from your Guides (nonphysical energetic support system) and inner wisdom
  • Discussion of Stephanie’s channeling process and suggestions for getting (and staying) in flow
  • Tips for establishing and maintaining your connection to your Guides

Stephanie has a gift for bringing humor and levity to her classes so laughter is included! Your spiritual practice and connection to divine energy is meant to bring you joy and upliftment. This class can be an important step to reconnecting to your Higher Self and learning to tap in to the highest frequency loving energy any time you want.

Here’s what others are saying about the class!

For much of my working life, I’ve had the experience that I bring a great deal of creativity, dependability, and a strong work ethic to everything I take on. At the same time, I’ve experienced being underpaid, and have struggled to ask compensation reflecting my efforts and abilities. In short, much of my professional life has been fraught with long periods of self-doubt and conflicting views of my own worth. The day after completing Stephanie’s Intuitive Channeling class, I received a job offer making more money than I have ever made. My new employer is well regarded within the financial services industry, and my new office is a 20-minute walk from my home. My professional credentials alone did not cause this to happen – of this, I am certain. Stephanie’s class and her brilliant guidance opened me up to trust my higher self, and to ask the Universe for abundance and ease at this stage of my life. Channeling with Stephanie has been a blessing to me, and she is a true gift to us all!

Stuart P.

I had the most amazing shift in perspective through participating in this course designed by Stephanie Levenston. The course was well thought out and delivered with ease, love and in the most playfully, delightful way. The engagement in the course resulted in a new found trust in my own intuitive gifts. This trust has led me to take on two significant issues in my life that I have been unable to face before this course. One was separating from a working relationship that I was not thriving in and had not been for several years and the other being my weight issues. In both cases, I am freed up and in action, in ways I couldn’t image prior to the course. I really thank you, Stephanie, for your generosity and willingness to share your gifts with all of us as they continue to make a difference in my life on a daily basis.

Bob D.

Thank you for your amazing channeling class. I am blown away by the experience. Every week brought new insights and a depth that I wasn’t expecting in such a short period of time.

I really appreciate all of the guidance and hands-on tools you provided every week. The weekly suggestions were so beneficial. Implementing the suggestions really helped me to become more connected to my intuition.

I love how welcoming and encouraging you are to everyone. It was such a pleasure to be in your class. It is clear to me that your class would benefit anyone with a desire to learn more.

Thank you for such a rewarding and enriching experience.

Kirsten S.

All downloadable documents and audio files are ©2019 by Stephanie Levenston

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