stephanie banks

Are you seeking clarity in your personal or professional life?

Do you sense that there is greater meaning and purpose in your life and relationships?

Are you struggling with a relationship or situation and need a perspective that transcends the 3D world?

Are you in the process of making a big decision or major life transition and want to do so from a place of deep knowing and integrity?


I can help you with all of that and much much more! 


If you have experienced my channeling work, then you know the benefit of using my spiritual gifts to access the insight and clarity that is not readily available in the physical dimension.


What you can expect from our coaching relationship:

  1. Your personal/professional goals are the anchor. Your needs and desires will change from one session to the next. I am here to follow your flow. YOU are the agenda.
  2. I trust you to know what you need and want. When you feel confused or stuck, we will use my channeling gifts to move that energy so you can access your truth.
  3. I believe in you. YOU are the expert when it comes to your life. I listen for your voice of intuition and help you to amplify it. 
  4. I hold a vision of highest clarity for you that is not encumbered by your roles, responsibilities, past, or beliefs. Because of this, I am able to see what is possible even if you feel stuck in uncertainty. 


If you are ready to take greater responsibility for the direction of your life and the role you play on this planet, I’m ready to be your spiritual coach. Let’s dive in and let spirit reveal the greatest version of you on this precious journey.


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