Mantras & Malas

I created this series of videos for those who are looking for a powerful meditation tool to add to their spiritual toolbox. A mala is a string of prayer beads, typically made of 108 beads. The beads can be made of various materials. It is best if you have a mala before you start this series, but you do not have to have one. You can still participate even without a mala. Using malas and mantras can support us in tapping into a sense of peace, intention, clearing, opening, and releasing that which does not serve. I selected 11 different powerful mantras to repeat in this series. The mantras are in the holy language of Sanskrit. I demonstrate the correct pronunciation of each mantra and explain the meaning so you can follow along. Together, we complete 11 different mantras designed to elevate and transcend the frantic energy of thoughts. It is recommended that you do one video each day.

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