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Limited time offer- Free Webinar August 12, 2021

Discerning Your Intuitive Voice

After serving in the health care industry as a hospital-based speech-language pathologist for 20 years, I realized that my intuitive gifts were calling loudly to me. I left the medical setting to pursue my soul’s work as an intuitive channel and spiritual guide/coach and I haven’t looked back. I serve clients around the globe who are seeking ways to expand their own intuitive gifts and learn to trust their inner voice of wisdom. I serve those who are seeking connections with loved ones and ancestors on the other side of the veil. And I serve clients who are seeking clarity in their career/professional life, relationships, life transitions, and many other areas in which life may have  become confusing, chaotic, and uncertain.

Have you ever noticed just how noisy the external world can be? With our instant access to global news, social media, and email, it’s no wonder that many of us feel bombarded by the noise of the outer world. What’s worse is that often our inner world can be just as noisy. The fearful mind is often sending us messages of warning and worry which can feel equally ungrounding.

We cannot control the racket of the external world. But we CAN control the interference of the ego’s constant chatter.

If you are trying to:

•Solve a problem

•Repair a relationship

•Make a big decision

It is imperative that you have full access to your intuitive voice. Your voice of intuition will NEVER lead you down the wrong path. It is the one voice you CAN trust in a world of dissonance.

Join me in a FREE webinar to explore and experience different techniques for attuning to your inner voice of wisdom. I will share my go-to strategies for clearing out the noise and bringing myself into closer attunement to this subtle voice of divine guidance.

This 60 minute webinar is best experienced live. However, it will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

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Date/Time: Thursday, August 12 at 8pm EST *the group will last approximately one hour

Preparation: All that is needed is an open heart and an open mind

This will be a zoom event. You will be provided with the call-in information once you register.

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