A few months ago, on three separate occasions from three separate people, it was recommended to me that I read Dr. Judith Orloff’s new book The Empath’s Survival Guide. I’ve learned from the universe that when things continue to show up in my consciousness, I must heed the advice. So, I bought the book.
Wow! Ever feel like every page is written specifically with you in mind? That’s how I felt about this book. I knew I was an empath but I had no idea there were so many different types of empaths. And I had no idea that I was several different types. I also identified many of my amazing clients as likely empaths and shared the book recommendation with them. They loved it too. Seriously, this book should be required reading for anyone who feels deeply, loves deeply, and has an innate understanding of truth that transcends what we are told from external sources.

When I read a life-changing book like this, my first inclination is to share it. It didn’t seem like enough to just recommend it to everyone I know. It didn’t seem like enough to talk about it in my livestreams. I knew I wanted to use the book as a backdrop for a video series to invite others into conversation about their empath abilities. Empath Academy was named by my Guides as I was sitting on my patio chairs one afternoon in deep contemplation. I loved the name and the videos outlined themselves.

Truthfully, I could continue adding on more and more videos as the book goes into such great detail and I have so many personal experiences to share. So, I will be doing just that. As of this writing, there are 6 videos in the Empath Academy series. However, I will be creating more videos as I’m guided and inspired.

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 My deepest desire in creating Empath Academy is to show my fellow empaths (and constantly remind myself) that being an empath is a badass gift, skill, and tool that can be used to heal the planet. Many of us do not experience our empath tendencies as a gift. In fact, most empaths feel drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, confused, and depleted. This is very typical since empaths have the ability to pick up on the truth all. the. time. And we are often taught to ignore our truth so that we can more easily fit in to the culture or family in which we live. It’s also tiring to be ever present to the emotions, sensations, and inner experiences of others all. the. time.

When I learn about my intuitive gifts and empath abilities it always serves me in serving others at a higher more fulfilling level. I also know that as my tribe of high vibe evolved empath souls grows, we form a powerful community of intention, support, networking, compassion, understanding, and endless possibility. I invite you to join us in learning to use your gifts as they were intended: to support you FIRST as you unfold your amazing journey, and then to ripple outward in support of the greater good for our awesome planet.

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