Learn to Use (and Love) Your Pendulum!

Recorded Webinar Series

This is my most popular webinar series that covers the foundations of channeling and intuition. 

In this series you will learn:


How to get accurate Yes/No responses with your pendulum


How to use a letter grid to spell words, names, and phrases with your pendulum


How to check your pendulum’s accuracy


How to cultivate a positive relationship with your pendulum


Types of questions you can ask your pendulum

“I’m blown away by the guidance I receive…”

I’ve had my pendulum in my sock drawer for years—I just never got around to learning how to use it. I bought it because it was pretty and I love amethyst. Your class has shown me how to use this sacred tool to help me make decisions, find missing objects, and connect with my higher self. I’m blown away by the guidance I receive when I use it. Thank you so much for sharing your pendulum passion with all of us!

Pendulum Workshop Participant

You can use a pendulum to:

Answer Yes/No Questions
Spell the names of your spirit guides and ancestors
Receive guidance in service to the highest good
Find lost objects
Share joy and spread light

Investment $55

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