My summer kicked off with an amazing trip to Seattle last weekend.  Seattle is such a cool city with its surrounding mountains, beautiful hikes, great food, and fun people.  The fact that one of my best friends lives there is really icing on the cake. I was invited by Sunny Joy McMillan to be a guest on her popular radio show Sunny in Seattle.  I met Sunny through a mutual friend and we immediately felt a connection.  Sunny says that I’m her “favorite intuitive channel for personal work”.  We had such a fabulous time in the studio recording the show.  We talked about how I first started channeling (did you know that I first started learning to channel with a pendulum and an alphabet board?).  We also discussed the mentorship I’ve received (Sonia Choquette is one of my favorites).  I even took a caller towards the end of the show who wanted me to channel her Guides.  It was a blast to spend time with Sunny and Benny in the studio.  Sunny invited me to come back on the show in July when I return to Seattle.  I can’t wait!

The following evening was Saturday.  I had the honor of being a featured guest at Sacred Supper Club, a gathering of shamelessly spiritual soul sisters who skip the small talk and dive straight into deeper conversations about the universe, spirituality, and the like.   The evening began with fireside introductions and then transitioned to a delicious catered meal of Indian food.  How did they know that Indian is one of my favorite types of cuisine? After dinner, we gathered in a circle to experience sound healing from a local healer.  After that exquisite experience, I provided over two hours of channeling for this beautiful group of 25 amazing women.  Something magical happens when people gather together for the purpose of elevating with one another, deeply connecting, sharing from a place of trust, and honoring each person as unique and lovable.  One of the hosts stated it perfectly when she reflected that she thought “we raised the planetary vibration” with this gathering of high vibration souls.  I completely agree.

My exposure to groups of women with a spiritual center began approximately 12 years ago when I read Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen’s powerful book “Urgent Message from Mother:  Gather the Women, Save the World”.  Dr. Bolen writes about gathering circles of women with sacred centers to create a tipping point on our planet towards love, compassion, kindness, female leadership, and healing.  I could never have imagined back then that I would find myself in community of such exquisite circles of women seeking deeper connection and meaning in their lives.  It is something I feel passionately about…and of course it is not just for women!  I invite you to consider hosting your own gathering with a spiritual center and see what transformations unfold.  The possibilities are endless when we gather together for this sacred purpose.

I will be making a second summer trip out to Seattle at the end of July.  In addition to Sunny in Seattle radio show, I will be offering 3 days of different events at East West Bookshop.  I’ll be giving a book talk on my newly published book “Joining Joanie:  Staying Connected to Your Loved One Through Dementia and Beyond”, teaching a workshop on intuition, and giving a group reading as well.  Wishing you a summer full of peace, love, rest, and Spirit.

Listen to Stephanie on the Sunny in Seattle Radio Show.

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