I never imagined that I would have an opportunity to be on a radio show.  It just wasn’t something I ever thought about.  I didn’t personally know anyone who had their own radio show and truthfully, I never listen to the radio.  I might listen to a podcast or audiobook when I’m driving; but, my car radio is very seldom used.  So, imagine my surprise when I received an invitation to be on a client’s radio show over a year ago.

I “met” the delightful Susie Hindle Kher over a phone session when I shared my channeling gifts with her.  She had received my information from a mutual friend.  Months after our first session, Susie emailed me to tell me that she had followed the advice of her Higher Self and started her own radio show called Radiantly You.  I was thrilled for her!  What an exciting adventure that must be!!  Imagine my next surprise when she invited me to be a guest on her show.  Even though I had no idea what to expect, I did not hesitate to accept the invitation.  Something deep inside me was bursting with excitement and enthusiasm…and nervous energy.

Honestly, I don’t remember feeling as nervous as I did the weeks prior to Susie’s show.  I imagined every possible disaster unfolding:  What if my voice sounded strange and it was evident that I was super nervous?  What if I sounded unintelligent when I answered her questions?  What if I cleared my throat too frequently or said “um” too many times?  What if my children screamed in the background or I got a call on my call-waiting (I was instructed to use my land line for optimal sound quality)?  What if I didn’t get any callers when I offered to channel messages?  What if I did get callers but could not receive clear messages for them?

I decided to do the show from the safety of my bedroom closet.  At that time, my closet was the space I used for most of my channeling sessions.  It was the quietest space in my home where I could be assured privacy as it was behind two closed doors.  The radio show went off without a hitch.  Susie made me feel comfortable and had a relaxed manner that put me at ease.  As soon as we hung up, I raced out of the closet and into the kitchen to announce to my family that I had done my first radio show and LOVED it!  I even told my husband that I wanted to do other radio shows since that one had felt so wonderful and exciting.

I let some time pass before I listened to the radio show replay.  Guess what?  My voice didn’t sound strange, I didn’t sound unintelligent, I cleared my throat occasionally, I didn’t count my “ums”, I got just enough callers to fill the space we had, and my messages came through with ease!

I asked Susie if she knew of any other radio shows where I might have a similar experience and she recommended her friend Sunny Joy McMillan of Sunny in Seattle.  I connected with Sunny and it was an instant fit.  I shared my work with her and she was enthusiastic about having me on her show.  June 2, 2017 I found myself in Seattle in the KKNW studio recording a show with Sunny.  This was an amazing experience as I’d never been inside a radio station.  Again, I was crazy nervous and heard all the familiar self-doubt and insecurity creeping in.  This time, though, I brought along my best friend (who happens to live in Seattle) for grounding and support.  She sat quietly in the studio with me while we recorded the show.

After we left the studio, I looked at my friend and asked for her honest opinion.  She said, “You did an amazing job.  You sounded really smart, authentic, and prepared”.  Music to my ears!  I had that same feeling of exhilaration that I felt after Susie’s show.  I listened to the replay and felt proud of myself and my accomplishment.  And, the icing on the cake was that Sunny invited me back to do another show the following month when I returned to Seattle for my events at East West Bookshop.

Listen to Stephanie on the Sunny in Seattle Radio Show

In July, I returned to the KKNW studio with my best friend in tow.  This time, Sunny was unable to be in the studio with us so she skyped in to the show.  Her assistant Benny helped us with everything and made us feel very comfortable.  Know what?  I still had that same nervous energy.  I figured this nervousness would have gone away by my third show, but no!  It was just as present as the first time.  Know what else was just as present?  The exhilaration I felt at the show’s completion.   This time I didn’t have to ask my friend for her opinion.  I could tell by the way she shed tears during one of my channeled messages that she was truly present and appreciating the experience, just as I was.

Why do I keep doing radio shows when each time I experience the height of nervous energy, self-doubt, and insecurity?  Why do I continue to look for opportunities that allow me to push up against the boundaries of my comfort zones?  Each time I stretch myself in uncomfortable ways and allow Spirit to guide me in directions I could not have thought up on my own, I recognize that I am a small part of a grand picture.  And feeling like a small part of something huge reminds me of the truth of my existence.  And that feels amazing.

Sunny in Seattle Radio Show 7-28-2017

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