April 2, 2023

Channeling with a Pendulum,
Part II

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Connect to your higher self, ancestors, spirit guides and more using the pendulum as your tool!

Can my pendulum help me connect to the invisible realms?

Can my pendulum help provide guidance and insight into my life?

Can I use my pendulum to receive communication from my spirit guides?

Can my pendulum spell out meaningful words and names to answer my questions?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!

I’ve spent thousands of hours learning to channel with a pendulum. 
I will condense all of my experience and expertise into an afternoon playshop. 
Get ready to astonish yourself with what your pendulum can do!
Stepanie Banks sitting at a table with pendulum.

This will be a live virtual class and you will need a pendulum and a letter grid (more on that once you register).

If you’re ready to deepen your practice with your pendulum, this is the perfect class for you. The class will be recorded, though you will get the most out of it by attending live.

Investment: $333 with Early Bird Discount
Date: Sunday, April 2
Time: Noon-3:30pm EST/ 9am-12:30pm PST

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