February 19, 2023

Pendulum Use for the Curious: An Introduction

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Follow your curiosity, get out of your own way, and learn to play with your pendulum!

Ever wonder how intuitives use their pendulums, and for what purposes?

“Can my pendulum help me make decisions that are right for me?”

“Can my pendulum help me communicate with my spirit guides?”

“Can my pendulum answer yes/no questions?”

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours swinging my pendulum, using it as a tool to connect to spirit and receive guidance, insight, and inspiration.

I want you to experience the joy and fun of using this tool for spiritual connection.

That’s why I’m offering a FREE one-hour introductory level workshop on getting started with your pendulum!

Stepanie Banks sitting at a table with pendulum.

This will be a live class and you will need a pendulum.
Any type/material is fine for your pendulum. You want to make sure it feels good in your hand, has a good weight, and swings freely.

If you’re ready to follow your curiosity and learn a new skill, join us for this FREE workshop.

Fee: This is a FREE event
Date: Sunday, Feb 19
Time: 1-2pm EST

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