Preparing for your Session

What types of questions do clients ask during a session?
Many clients ask for clarity around their relationships, career/professional life, life transitions, upcoming decisions, specific situations/circumstances, and/or their soul’s purpose. Others ask to hear from the soul perspective of specific loved ones who are on the earth. I work with parents who wish to hear from the soul perspective of their children to find out how they can best support their children in their journeys. I work with entrepreneurs, administrators, and CEO’s who ask me to tune into business ideas, projects, potential partnerships, and complex work relationships. I work with therapists, energy workers, and healers who use my channeling to support them in their healing work. I work with couples who want to know more about each other’s soul to enhance their spiritual connection. I work with adult children who are caretaking for their parents and want to shift their perspective to be better caregivers.
Do I need to provide any background information during the session or do you channel everything I need to know?

It is very helpful to provide context for the messages you seek. For example, instead of saying “I want to hear from my higher self…whatever my soul wants to tell me” you might receive more helpful guidance in your message if you provide a bit more information such as “I’m contemplating a new career and/or a change to my relationship. I want to know if I’m on the right track with my plans and what my higher self would say to guide me in this phase”. 

Will you be able to tell me where Uncle Morty hid the safe before he died? Or what my grandmother's favorite perfume was?

No. I attune to fifth dimensional consciousness when I am channeling. The fifth dimension is the light body, which is the state of love, light, unity consciousness, and the recognition of our interconnectedness. Messages brought from this perspective offer important insight, guidance, and information to support us in our third dimensional (physical plane) lives. For concrete information that relates specifically to the third dimension, you may be better served by a psychic.

Can I hear from souls that are alive right now?
Yes. We can channel the soul of a spouse, partner, boss, child, parent, uncle, friend, co-worker, sibling or any other relationship. Hearing wisdom and insight directly from the soul perspective can be enormously beneficial to healing relationships, enhancing connection, and discovering why some relationships are so challenging.
Can I hear a message from my own soul?
Yes. It can be enormously powerful and transformational to hear from the perspective of one’s own soul, or higher self. The soul is the student aspect of our being that is here to learn and grow and play out a variety of experiences to that end. Hearing more about your soul’s desires, direction, and reflections can be very useful.
How many questions do I have time to ask?

That depends on the length of your session. It is recommended that new clients schedule at least 60 minutes for the first session. This generally allows sufficient time to cover several different areas in which clients seek clarity. In a 60 minute session, clients typically have the opportunity to ask between 3-6 questions. I do not have control over the length of the channeled messages. Time is spent processing the messages afterwards to ensure they are understood by the client. Thirty-minute sessions are typically for repeat clients who only have a couple questions.

Is there anything I should fear that might come through my messages?

No. Since I am channeling from fifth dimensional consciousness, your messages are coming from a high vibrational loving frequency. Divine energy is all around us and within us. The energy of divinity is light-filled, loving, compassionate, accepting, and kind. I do the necessary work to maintain myself as a clear channel so that I can attune to the highest loving vibration and bring that wisdom forward for my clients.

How should I prepare for my session?

It is not necessary to do any advance preparation. I trust you will receive what you need even if you do not plan out your questions ahead of time. That said, many clients do prepare for their sessions by creating a list of questions/wondering and sharing that in the beginning of the session. Other clients have a general idea of what they would like to receive guidance around and the session unfolds in its own perfect way. I do my best to record your session and have the recording sent to you afterwards. Rarely, there are technology issues that prevent or disrupt the recording so if you would like to be responsible for setting up your own recording as a backup, that is fine.

What am I likely to feel after my session is completed?

Many clients report feeling lighter, more loving, relieved, released from old thought patterns, hopeful, joyful, and more connected. Some clients have reported feeling emotionally drained as a lot of feelings can be released when you hear from loved ones and guides with beautiful messages. I recommend setting aside some quiet time after your session in which to journal your feelings, drink plenty of water, and rest/meditate if you’re so inclined. Often, we move a lot of energy during sessions and this can feel both exhilarating and tiring at the same time. Honor your own spirit and body and allow yourself time to absorb and process the powerful connections you’ve made.

Can I hear from my animal companions, tree friends, and nature?

Yes. We can channel your beloved pets, animal and tree beings, Gaia/Mother Earth, and anything in the natural world.

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