Spiritual Boot Camp

with intuitive channel, Stephanie Levenston
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Spiritual Boot Camp

with intuitive channel Stephanie Levenston
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What is Spiritual Boot Camp? How will it help me?

Spiritual Boot Camp was inspired by the post-holiday programs offered by gyms in an effort to get people back into tip-top physical shape. While caring for the body is quite important, it is actually the Spirit that we take with us once we transition out of physical form. Yet, rarely do we give consideration to the health of our connection to our Spirit. Spiritual Boot Camp offers a variety of activities, techniques, and thoughtful considerations to support you in your journey back to your Spirit.

Is Spiritual Boot Camp a step-by-step program?  How does it work?

No. There are enough step-by-step programs out there. I’ve found that they don’t work for me. My life doesn’t follow a step-by-step anything. Things are always in flow. There are always distractions and interruptions. Every single day is different from the one before it and I need to flow with the energy requirements of each moment. I’m not a one-size-fits-all believer. What I’ve created is a new way to look at your spiritual practice. Your spiritual practice does need to be a daily focus; however, the techniques and activities you select are completely up to you. I’m providing a variety of options for you to try out. Give each option a couple weeks of consistency and see how you feel. If it’s working for you, stick with it. If you feel no different, move on to the next technique.

Do you know what your Spirit feels like and sounds like?

Many of us do not remember what that still small voice of wisdom sounds like, much less know how to access it when necessary. In fact, our Spirit is always working through us to guide us onto the path that is aligned with our highest good. We have learned over time to ignore that voice. The good news is the voice of Spirit is always present. It is never lost…never goes away. You CAN learn how to reconnect with it and use it to your benefit. I believe that is our purpose.

Is this program just another way to meditate? What if I can’t meditate?

While meditation is discussed and is understood to be a highly effective way to connect to Spirit, this program goes well beyond meditation. By exploring the use of journaling, exercise/movement, energetically clearing your physical space, food, grounding/centering/clearing/connecting your energy field, affirmation, card decks, and prayer/gratitude you will see that meditation is just another facet of Spirit connection.

How will I know if the techniques are working? 

This is unique to each individual. The purpose of reconnecting to your amazing Spirit is to use that connection to support you in being Spirit-guided. Too many of us are guided by the intellect, which is not a pleasant way to engage in life. The intellect is an excellent tool when used properly. When placed in a position of ultimate power, however, things tend to fall apart. Committing to a daily spiritual practice ensures that you flex your spiritual muscles to create space and opportunity for Spirit to guide you. You will know it’s “working” when you feel increased levels of peace, calm energy, presence of mind, creative energy, inspiration, joy, and hope. Isn’t it worth giving a try if all of those are possible?

Who is Stephanie Levenston? What makes her an expert on spirituality?

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, Speech-Language Pathologist, Lactation Specialist, doula, Medium/Intuitive Channel, Coach, and lover of life.  Through my many various roles and professional fields, I’ve found ways to cultivate and maintain a deep connection to my Spirit and an ability to communicate with loving energies in other realms.  I am the expert with regards to my own spirituality.  You are the expert on yours.  You are the only one who can decide what works for you and what feels aligned with your beliefs/purpose.  My role is to present you with plenty of options and ideas.  You take it from there.

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