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Would you like to be part of a select group of soul-seekers to support your spiritual journey?

Soul Community is an online virtual community that meets weekly via Zoom on Tuesday evenings from 8-9pm EST to share and explore all things spiritual and intuitive. Here are some examples of what we work on in Soul Community:

*Transforming our limiting beliefs and negative relationship with money. In our work with money, the group has manifested more than $50,000 in less than 3 months! This is a direct result of our members being open to practicing new techniques, creating new thoughts, trusting their gut, and playing with the energy of money.

*Honing our skills of intuition. I provide ongoing meditations, energy-clearing exercises, facilitated discussion, techniques for tuning in to Spirit, practices for maintaining ourselves as clear channels, opportunities to channel for each other, and guided support for expanding the skills of intuition.

*Receiving personalized channeled messages from me. On a regular basis, I channel personal and global messages from Spirit to support members.

You will receive:

  • Weekly engagement with Stephanie and a community of supportive souls committed to inspiration, connection, support, and friendship.
  • Specific message of support from Guides, ancestors, Higher Self, Gaia, and just about any nonphysical being/realm you can imagine to provide unconditional loving guidance and clarity.
  • Recordings from all meetings, even if you cannot attend live.
  • Homework assignments and/or challenges (no expectations with regards to completion) to pave the path towards your goals.

 Your Investment:

The monthly investment for Soul Community membership is $197. If you would like to join our tribe of powerful souls, please click here:


    This fee covers my business costs and time/labor as well as giving me the space to pay it forward with projects that repair and replenish the planet.


    "Brilliant Guidance"

    For much of my working life, I’ve had the experience that I bring a great deal of creativity, dependability, and a strong work ethic to everything I take on. At the same time, I’ve experienced being underpaid, and have struggled to ask compensation reflecting my efforts and abilities. In short, much of my professional life has been fraught with long periods of self-doubt and conflicting views of my own worth. The day after completing Stephanie’s Intuitive Channeling class, I received a job offer making more money than I have ever made. My new employer is well regarded within the financial services industry, and my new office is a 20-minute walk from my home. My professional credentials alone did not cause this to happen – of this, I am certain. Stephanie’s class and her brilliant guidance opened me up to trust my higher self, and to ask the Universe for abundance and ease at this stage of my life. Channeling with Stephanie has been a blessing to me, and she is a true gift to us all!

    Stuart P.

    "Enriching Experience"

    Thank you for your amazing channeling class. I am blown away by the experience. Every week brought new insights and a depth that I wasn’t expecting in such a short period of time. I really appreciate all of the guidance and hands-on tools you provided every week. The weekly suggestions were so beneficial. Implementing the suggestions really helped me to become more connected to my intuition. I love how welcoming and encouraging you are to everyone. It was such a pleasure to be in your class. It is clear to me that your class would benefit anyone with a desire to learn more.

    Thank you for such a rewarding and enriching experience.

    Dr. K. Stein

    "Joy and Inspiration"

    My experience being taught by Stephanie was so uplifting and brought together the pieces I needed to now begin doing what I’ve longed to do. She is an excellent teacher; able to transmit the energy, the knowledge and the encouragement with great joy and inspiration. She is clear, funny, heartwarming and she knows what she is doing! She has so much to offer that I will be looking for more!

    S. Bird

    "amazing shift in perspective"

    I had the most amazing shift in perspective through participating in the intuition course designed by Stephanie Levenston. The course was well thought out and delivered with ease, love and in the most playfully, delightful way. The engagement in the course resulted in a new found trust in my own intuitive gifts. This trust has led me to take on two significant issues in my life that I have been unable to face before this course. One was separating from a working relationship that I was not thriving in and had not been for several years and the other being my weight issues. In both cases, I am freed up and in action, in ways I couldn’t image prior to the course. I really thank you, Stephanie, for your generosity and willingness to share your gifts with all of us as they continue to make a difference in my life on a daily basis.

    R. Durso

    Lauren C. Mitchell

    Two-time Blues Blast Award nominee, soul-singer and songwriter, activist

    Who is best served in this group?

    • Anyone seeking deeper meaning in their professional and/or personal life.
    • Anyone desiring to express their inner voice of wisdom with more clarity and confidence.
    • Anyone looking to make specific changes to their thoughts and daily experience to include more love, forgiveness, abundance, compassion, growth, and prosperity.
    • Anyone in a major work/life transition or looking to make a major transition.
    • Anyone looking for supportive community.

    This is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. We look forward to welcoming you into the Soul Community!

    2023 Schedule

    • Unless otherwise mentioned, we meet every Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST. Variations to this schedule will be announced in our private Facebook Group.


    This fee covers my business costs and time/labor as well as giving me the space to pay it forward with projects that repair and replenish the planet.


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