Soul Community – Account

Hi There,

If you followed a link to this page, you are likely one of the intrepid pioneers of Soul Community, who signed on using the subscription service on this page. Because we found a simpler system, we have put the old community information on the shelf.

If you’ve come here to subscribe or re/subscribe to Soul Community, you can do that here.

If you’ve come to unsubscribe, please check your most recent email notification from PayPal. The options to unsubscribe will be there. If you are not able to do that, please contact andrea@creeksidecollaborative, and she will help you.

If you’re an active member and would like to see recorded group sessions, you can do that via the Soul Community Facebook page.

Our meeting dates (through December) are as follows:

Dec 3, noon
Dec 10, 8:30pm EST
Dec 17,8:30pm EST**note date changes for holidays
Dec 23,8:30pm EST
Dec 30, 8:30pm


All meetings going forward will be on Tuesday evenings at 8:30pm EST

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