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Intuitive Intensive Course

with Stephanie Banks Intuitive Channel

Get Out of Your Own Way So You Can Hear Your Inner Wisdom

Proven Strategies to Increase Your Clarity

“I believe we are each responsible for maintaining ourselves as clearer channels for divine energy. It is the best way I know to fully step into our soul’s purpose”.

-Stephanie Banks, Intuitive Channel

Your Invitation:

Hello beautiful soul,
I feel you. Your heart knows there is a more beautiful world that is possible.
Your soul knows that you are alive in this moment to manifest this more beautiful world in your own way…and in your own corner of the world.
And my soul knows that I am here to support you.

My journey as an intuitive channel began out of necessity: 

I needed to find a way to communicate with my mother once her dementia dismantled verbal communication.
I found ways to connect through the heart and communicate with her soul.
I learned how to do this through trial and error (and error and error and error).
I strongly believe we are all channels for divine wisdom, guidance, and insight.
If I can learn to connect on the soul level, I know you can too.
It starts with the simple desire to do so. The rest is trust, practice, and more trust.  
In this intensive course, you will learn:

Proven Techniques for Grounding, Centering, and Clearing Your Energy Field


Strategies for Attuning to the Body’s Wisdom and Signals


Ways to Utilize the Natural World to Support Your Soul’s Mission


Practices for Discerning Your Intuition from Ego and Fear

We will gather as an intimate group on Zoom, building trust, encouragement, and community together.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you!
Date: Sunday, June 12
Time: 11am-2pm EST/8am-11am PST
Investment: $444

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