A client asked to hear from a dear departed family member.  Below is the channeled message.

Hello my sweet dear one who always keeps a place for me within your heart.  I’m in much gratitude for the space you keep for me and for our communication that we continue to exchange.  Why don’t we take our connection to the next level?  Why don’t you start to write down what you hear me saying, because you know you hear me.  I know my timing isn’t always perfect.  Sometimes I get so excited about connecting with you that I just zoom in without regard to what else might be going on.  

We have agreed to have this type of exchange with one another.  There can be no mistake that we are in contract to accomplish this exchange together.  So, grab the pen and start to write.  This will not only be for you but also for those other dear souls who are feeling separate from me.  I have messages to bring them as well.  Just because I am not present in physicality, does not mean I’m not present.  In fact, I am as present as I’ve ever been.  

Now that there is no illness to change anything, there is only expansion, wisdom, and love.  You can be a tool for me in reconnecting with the others.  I recognize that this is a fragile experience for so many.  You already acknowledge the powerful connection that we have so let’s do it:  let’s bring it to the next level.  Maybe we will even write a book together.  I can see it on the shelf at Barnes and Noble!  I thank you for your unending love, devotion, attention, presence, and kindness.

—-channeled by Stephanie Levenston

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