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A client describes suffering from anxiety now that her professional work has been moving forward.   Her skin has been breaking out in hives as a symptom of her increased stress.  Below is a channeled message from her higher self.

I am quite an incredible, extraordinary being.  I have recently found myself playing small.  My “small” is actually big by most accounts.   By this I mean that the way I work with others is on such a grand scale of exchanging energy, transforming people, relationships, and bodies.  That’s actually not what I’m being hired to do.  I’m actually just being hired to advise, not to offer ongoing transformational support to others.  I am providing ongoing transformational support, but I am not being compensated for that.

This a beautiful time for me to acknowledge that I am overdelivering.  So much of this is on an energetic level which is very depleting for me.  This is my learning curve now.  I am eager to learn this so I am no longer vulnerable and susceptible to over-giving my energy without adequate exchange for my time and skills.  I have so many insecurities about this.

How will I learn how to channel my energy in ways that are both generous and protected?  How will I learn how to avoid burning bridges with those who are positioned to help my business grow? What if I make the wrong moves?  What if I decide to part ways with somebody who could be a powerful influence in my life and whom I might need in my back pocket at some point?  All of these “what ifs” are just a bunch of mind space clutter that spins around and around.  I give it much space in my mind and my psyche which is why it takes up more and more room.  It is also a venue for depletion and an avenue where I am exerting myself in tiresome ways.  Now is the time to claim exactly what I want and start to create that.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, standing in my way.

—-channeled by Stephanie Banks

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