A client asked to hear guidance around the topic of marketing. She is wondering if she needs to continue focusing on advertising for her business and participating in a marketing group. Here is the message from her Higher Self:

“I have everything I need already at the ready. I am in constant conversation with Guidance. There are times when I am not paying full attention, but then I just redirect my attention back to where it needs to be. I am curious about where in my life I must continue in my efforting. In all the areas of my life where I am working harder and harder I can see that it is not producing any different results than when I actually breathe deeply, sit back, lean into the path of greater ease, and allow. This whole allowing topic is one in which others are lining up to receive guidance from me, so if I am the teacher of allowing then isn’t it curious that I would be asking if I should be allowing anything further in my own life. I am always in the phase of revisiting and reexamining those things that I know to be true but that I am ready to hear in a different way at a different level. My work with this particular group is complete. I have served well and been served well. My presence is no longer needed, and I can leave with a full heart, gratitude, and appreciation. There is no need for me to effort in my marketing. The very word ‘marketing’ sends the wrong kind of shivers down my spine. That word is energetically misaligned with me. I do not need marketing of any sort; what I desire is to continue the stream of those who are in alignment with the beauty of what I offer, those who are ready. Readiness is my only requirement for those who work with me. Are they ready to go deeper, wider, and see things in a different way. I am a guide for others and I take this job very seriously. I bring a playful and uplifting nature to things and I am being guided to be even more playful.”

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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