A client is preparing to move her family to another location and is asking for support in coping with the unknown components of timing and details.  The message came from her Higher Self.

Here I am pretending like I can tie strings to all these floating balloons.  What I’m asking for is how I can release and allow myself to be lifted up so I can see things from a grander perspective.  The joke is always on me when I am striving for the details. I love my calendar. I would fill up each and every day of my calendar with all of the mundane tasks if I could.  That is how my humanness makes itself most comfortable and allows me to cozy up to this uncertain life of constant unfolding. This allows me to relate to others. I love making choices and decisions.  To know that I can walk up to the buffet table of life and take a bit of this and a scoop of that. I need to breathe deeply and slowly and slow down my mind. I’ve got this. All of it. I know exactly the truth of this situation and any other.  The truth is that I am well supported and perfectly capable of any challenge that may come my way. I cannot possibly envision all of the varieties of challenge that will make their way to me but I have chosen a lifetime of great opportunities and colorful beings and deeply loving relationships.  How much can I sink into just the present moment, going to a deeper place of awareness and appreciation for what is? I am ready, willing, able to put aside the calendar and to open up my palms and say “Ok, universe. Let’s bring it”.

~Message Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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