A client asked to hear from her Higher Self about her longing to work less and to balance that desire with her sense of responsibility to her business and employees.

“I am finding myself ready to shed an old skin, like a snake does.  My new skin is so shiny and supple and resilient. This is a time to tap into my resilience.  My current thoughts are rigid in nature. Even as I explore my options, my rigid thinking gets in the way.  It is not true that my reality is exactly the way I describe it. I have everything in place to continue things moving in a smooth direction, even if I were to step away for a while.  But I feel as though I need to be at the forefront of everything, applying action in every which way. I have amassed enough human beings who are more than capable to step in and shift things so I can step aside for periods of time.  It will benefit me greatly to envision this…to see in my imagination how it would look to move things around to accommodate my desire to step away. It is not only possible and doable, it is something I would like to play in. Rigid thinking and perceiving takes away from my playful nature.  I am one who loves to play. That inner child is calling me forward to come explore and enjoy that which I have worked hard for…if I cannot do that I begin to wonder about my purpose. I love my work but that doesn’t mean I want to be it, live it, become it. Sit and get clear and work with my own inner voice of wisdom which has become louder and louder.  It will take what it will take and the time frame is irrelevant. I must say, “I hear you. I am here to receive your guidance. I will do so in the quietest space I can must so whatever it is you wish to tell me I can record and document”. That is what I will do with this inner voice of wisdom. What will come out will be a beautiful map of how I can support myself in moving closer to what I am wanting which is:  ultimate freedom.”

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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