Bring More to the Table by Doing Less

A client is asking to hear from the higher self of her young daughter.  This is the answer received.

I’m interested in learning.  I came through you by choice.  I want to tap in to what you have to offer me.  Helping me to understand boundaries will help me.  Helping me to recognize when someone is in a retreat mode will help me.  You are under no obligation to meet my every need. I am a being capable of meeting my needs.  You watch me do that all the time. I can manipulate my environment to serve me. There’s nothing wrong with that.  That’s how we are surviving and thriving. We must manipulate and work with those within their energies to ensure that our needs get met.  You don’t have to buy in, however.

I will continue to present in the way that I do, in the way that you know me to be.  Until I see a reason to shift into a more mature level expectation, then I will continue to present as I have been.  Do you want more from me? Because I do. Do you want more from you? I do. I think we can bring more to the table without bringing more effort and exhausted energy.  I think we can bring more to the table by doing less. Let us ponder that.

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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