Spirit message of the day: Celebrate your life!

This comes through a channeling session with a lovely new client. She is in a challenging transition between jobs, having just left a toxic work environment. Understandably, much of her focus is on securing her next job so the worries about finances can be laid to rest.

As she spoke about the process of completing job applications, making phone calls, scheduling interviews and such, her Guides shouted in my ears “Where’s the celebration?” They wanted her to celebrate the fact that she had the courage, wisdom, and trust to leave an unhealthy work environment.

They reminded her that by choosing to leave the toxic workplace, she chose her Self as the most important priority. This, they said, is cause for celebration.

With all of the intense energy of anger, destruction, threat, violence, disconnection, and fear running through our newsfeeds and throughout our world, it is even more important to be Present to and Grateful for the parts of your life that are blessed. I believe you will find that the practice of gratitude and celebration, for even the littlest and most mundane of things, is an energetic game-changer.

Give it a try! Close your eyes right now and list out loud 5 things for which you are incredibly grateful. As you say each thing, picture it in your imagination (a person, a circumstance/situation, an object) and spend a few breaths allowing the true feeling of gratitude to wash over you. Then choose one of those things and really celebrate it!

Run and skip through your house shouting “I’m celebrating having the most amazing dogs in the world!” or “I’m celebrating paying my utility bill on time!” or “I’m celebrating having the stamina to spend the day with my cranky Aunt Gertrude!” If you really want to amp it up, invite a friend to celebrate with you.

This can be in a conversation or out for margaritas. Whatever it looks like for you, celebration is an important way to honor the things in our lives that bless us.

There is plenty of time and space to repair the earth and her inhabitants. Right now, spend some time in the repair and redirection of your thoughts. It makes us so much more effective as protectors and healers of the planet. I celebrate the awesomeness of you.

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