Spirit Message of the Day 

This was a channeled message from a client’s significant other:

It may look to you on the outside looking in at me that I’m having a difficult time.

It may look like I am lost or forever seeking. But all of those things are only illusion in that they are not accurate or real…they are part of a story that I’ve repeated so many times that it has become automatic.

I can recite readily how this particular theme has repeated itself over and over. If something has repeated itself over and over it is in the area of illusion.

This sounds so strange because it is unusual to change the belief system that a common theme is actually illusion. Those things that are coming up repeatedly for any of us…those that continue to recycle themselves are meant to be rebranded in that they are meant to be looked at with a different set of eyes.

Regardless of what I say or do, please hold the space for me of blessing my journey, and hold a place of knowing that I am capable.

I honor you in your journey and I am excited to live your journey vicariously through you…through your courage to live fully and with adventure, it gives me the courage to consider that for myself.

A Channeled Message by Stephanie Banks

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