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A client asked to hear from the soul perspective of her dog.
She brings her dog to work with her and he has been barking a lot which creates disruption and disturbance in her work environment.
She feels the cause of the barking is excited energy. She has tried numerous techniques and professional dog trainers to no avail. Here is the channeled message from her pooch’s soul.
“I’ve really got you wrapped around my paw. In every possible way. I have you convinced of things you know aren’t even true. This is so thrilling.
I won’t say it is serving either of us in the highest way; but it is a thrill for me to see how powerful I am. I can create energy where there is none. I can raise the energy level when it is too low. I can bring the love to wherever it is needed. I can do all of these things.
What you are curious about is whether this is the time for us to have a change in our relationship. I would say: no time like the present. I’m actually curious to know if this is something YOU are capable of…we all know I am capable of it.
We all know I can make a change based out of necessity. In prior times there has not ever been a necessity. There has been a little bit of aggravation that I have perceived from others.
Why would I care too much about that?
There has been some agitation in response to the energy that I occasionally put out, but why would I care about that? To me it is all an ebb and flow of energy in general.
If I am doing something that is displeasing or creating waves within a container that is meant to hold more peace, then that is something that is meant to be worked out. That is something I need you to take full leadership around, and I will follow suit.
Sometimes it’s really hard to be the leader…sometimes it’s really hard to lead you. You have so many distractions, you go astray so easily and so I have to keep bringing you back and you don’t recognize how many minutes you are spending in distraction until I bring you back.
We might start with you thanking me for all that I do to help you stay in the present moment.
You believe that present moment that I bring you back to is full of chaos and high decibel noise. I won’t argue with that, but up until you decide that is no longer what serves, then I will continue to do what I know to do.
When you are separated from me, you feel that separation very deeply. You would say that I am the one with separation anxiety, but I would say it is you.
So why don’t we come to a truce on this. We are truly not meant to be separated. Please make a decision soon because I am so eager to please and if you show me a replacement to my undesired behavior (barking) then I can grasp that more easily.”
A Channeled Message by Stephanie Banks

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