A client is considering returning to work after many years of raising children. She’s asking for guidance around finding her passion. She feels as though she’s been escaping, rather than living. Her higher self brought forward the following message:

“I want to embrace life. I want a juicy life and know this is possible for me. I am a soul who is incredibly tender-hearted. I have felt the need to protect my tender heart so I do not find myself feeling misunderstood and threatened and undervalued. I have felt trampled. I am trying to avoid that feeling of suffocation. This comes from past lifetimes as well as present. I am also responding to unrealistic expectations being heaped upon me from external sources. I do not feel I have the courage to speak out against that. Rather, my inclination is to protect other who need support and protection. My soul is in service in the protection of others. I know what it is like to be vulnerable and need protection. I am required to build self-confidence, self-trust, and courage. Where will I get this? I find myself in deep prayer and request of courage but this does not come from without, only from within. I do not have to share my courage with others; it feels too sacred and tender for me to share at this moment.
Affirmations that come from on high are something that will support me in the return to the belief that I am enough in this moment. I will sit with paper and pen and allow affirmations to be divinely guided and write them down. Who I am as a spiritual being, how worthy I am in the eyes of divine love, etc. Allowing for this will shift the gears to refocus me on the truth about myself.

I must spend time in service to those who bring me the greatest joy. I must avail myself of a variety of opportunities. To allow myself to venture out into a bigger grander world is in service to my soul. There exists a circle of individuals who understand me exactly as I am. I have not yet come to the place of sharing myself, but when I do, there exists those who are waiting to welcome me into their circle. I can see the possibility reflected in the kind faces of others.

It is more than ok for me to retreat. I’m not hiding. I need to retreat on a regular basis to separate myself from the noise. I need to find my quiet centered space to accept myself for where I am at any moment. Whatever I pursue must have the option to have space to retreat. Whatever I select to do with my time must be undertaken with care so that I can honor my need to have space from it when necessary.”

~Channeled by Stephanie Levenston

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