This message came through the Higher Self of a stay-at-home mother whose children had recently gone to school. She was asking to hear about her passion and purpose and said that she felt as though she’d been escaping life up until this point. Here was her message from her soul’s perspective:

I am not attempting to escape life. Rather I’m wishing to embrace life. I know this is possible for me because it is what my soul desires. I am a tender-hearted soul and feel a need to protect myself so I do not feel threatened, misunderstood, or undervalued. I have felt trampled. This is what I’m attempting to escape…the feeling of being trampled while in my tender space.

I would like to protect others more vulnerable than myself. To place my mama bear instincts in the path to protect those who need the loving guidance and support that I have to offer. I have much more than one singular purpose…but this one is more prevalent to me.

It is difficult for me to see my way to be the protector of others because there is a bit of a journey from where I am now to that place. In that journey, is the opportunity to build self-confidence and courage. This does not come from without…but only from within. I must find my way to the within landscape so I can access that. Here are some specific ways that I can find my way back to my inner truth:

  1. Affirmations that come from the highest place will support me in the return to the belief that I am enough, I have enough, and I am not meant to be anything other than my own glorious self. Affirmations that come to me and through me are to be allowed (and written down) without judgment, whether or not I believe them to be true. Allowing the flow for who I am as a being in the eyes of divine love will allow me to refocus on the truth about myself.
  2. Until I come upon that which brings a level of excitement and enjoyment, I must spend my time in service of those who bring me the greatest joy. Whether this is domesticated animals, children, elderly, nature, etc. I am to follow my interest and get into a bigger grander world where I can.
  3. There exists a circle of individuals who understand me, exactly. Perhaps not yet, because I’ve not gotten to the place of sharing. But there exists a tribe to support me in the journey I’m wishing to take right now. This will also allow me to lean into more trust because I can see that the possibilities exist in the kind faces of others.
  4. It is ok for me to retreat. It is more than ok. Calling it hiding is giving it an improper signal. I NEED to retreat on a regular basis. I NEED to separate myself from the noisy noise that is all around me. I NEED to find my quiet centered space in which I can just be me and accept myself for all my feelings. I NEED for my disquieting feelings to be lifted for me by the Divine simply because I request. I NEED to be able to retreat so whatever I pursue must allow me the option to have some space, not be overwhelmed by too many hours, in too small a space, with too many individuals surrounding me. I must know that whatever I choose is not a forever choice and I can change my direction and momentum at any given moment.

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