Spirit message of the day: Find a Miracle Accountability Partner

During a super fun and high vibe coaching session this morning, my client received amazing guidance from her Guides to find a “miracle accountability partner”.

This partner would be someone close to her with whom she can share her daily observances of regular miracles in her life. We tend to consider only the HUGE miracles as those that deserve to be retold. But, according to Spirit, all miracles are HUGE and it is not our job to diminish any of them based on our human perceptions.

Her task is to call, text, or otherwise record her daily miracle sightings EVERY DAY and communicate those to her miracle accountability partner. If her partner is game, she too can do the same. Sharing miracle sightings expands miracles for everyone.

This awesome Guidance created the vibration of excitement and joy for my client (and myself!) and she’s looking forward to this new daily practice to help her move some big energy.

Want to try it? Grab your bestie and invite him/her to be your miracle accountability partner. Then each of you text/share with one another at a designated time EVERY DAY what miracles you observed and/or manifested. Do this for 14 days and see how your life changes.

Remember, miracles include watching a bee pollinate a flower, getting the best parking spot at the mall, watching your child overcome a fear, drinking clean water from your tap, having a car that starts, healing an outdated pattern of thinking, getting that stain out of your favorite shirt, supporting someone through a difficult time, finding moments of peace in your day, and a whole lot more.

Share your miracles! It is a signal to the Universe to provide more and more! Who’s in?

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