Knowing where you feel most powerful, competent, and inspired will lead you in the direction that is in your greatest service and ultimately in the greatest service to others.

A message for a client asking about her purpose. She’s considering going back to school to study something entirely different than what she has done previously. She’s also contemplated continuing her work as a life coach and consultant. Below is a channeled message from her Guides:

We are encouraging you to revisit some important steps that you have skipped. The bumps along your journey have given you inaccurate information that has been quickly woven into the grander story that you are telling. We will discuss the life coaching as the example because that is the label given, but what it really is involves being in a deep listening relationship and of service to another in a creative way in which you are able to see possibilities, open spaces, and new options that the other (whom you are serving) does not see. With that job description, do you not wish to sign on to it in that way? Of course you do. This is your exact skill set…what you are here to do. When you identify that you are here to bring love, we acknowledge that you do that in everything you do.

What we would encourage you to call forward are individuals that are the right aligned match to the level of skill and intuitive direction and loving energy that you have to offer and deliver. With that clarity, we ask you to invite those clients forward. No matter what you decide to pursue, the instructions are the same. We recommend you soften and blur the outer visual field so you can perceive those things on the periphery. If you do not know where your powerful skills and tools lie, it will be difficult for you to decide where it is you wish to expend your energy.

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